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Gemstone & Diamond Statement Necklaces

Blending timeless elegance and bold panache, each designer statement necklace is a unique work of art to treasure for life. Discover handcrafted pieces by Compositions.

The Deco Allure Necklace

Compelling Designs

Choose a vibrant gemstone statement necklace that brings lively color to your aesthetic, or opt for a unique diamond pendant that exudes lavish splendor. We offer a variety of hand-selected designs to suit all tastes. Statement pieces are meant to be seen, and our distinctive necklaces capture the eye and the imagination with great éclat. Each piece is a wearable masterpiece and a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the art form. Explore gemstone and diamond statement necklaces lovingly handcrafted from the finest materials.

Deco Disc Necklace Front

Deco Disc Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds


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Deco Allure Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds


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Cosmic Tassel Necklace Closeup
Starlight Heart Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds
The Gemma Energy Necklace
Deco Omega Necklace

Deco Omega Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds


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The Starlight Necklace with two-tones gold and yellow and white diamonds

Find Your Composition

Compositions is a fine jewelry store founded by a second-generation jeweler with multiple decades of experience handcrafting exquisite pieces. Today, our passion for the art of fine jewelry remains stronger than ever. We invite you to explore our jewelry collections—your perfect piece awaits. We’re always working on new designs, so browse our new fine fashion jewelry to see our latest offerings. To ensure that you’re 100% delighted with your acquisition, our gemstone and diamond statement necklaces include a 1-year warranty on wear and tear, 30-day returns, and in-house repairs. Treat yourself or a loved one to a statement necklace that’s unlike anything else—a one-of-a-kind Composition.