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Jewelry Collections

Precious stone jewelry from the Compositions Cosmic collection


Inspired by space and the universe, let the brilliance of diamonds and their ethereal beauty emphasize their inner glow. Let your imagination take flight as you discover elevated pieces with infinite possibilities for self-expression.

Fine luxury jewelry from the Compositions Deco collection


Influenced by the Art Deco era of the 1920s, the Deco contemporary collection utilizes geometric patterns, streamlined designs, and luxurious details. Bold yet timeless, this fine luxury jewelry bursts with exuberance and radiates glamor.

Precious stone jewelry from the Compositions Flora collection


Drawing inspiration from nature, life, and growth, the Flora jewelry collection simultaneously blooms with both decadence and delicacy. The beauty of the flower is recreated by our artisans in an eclectic and invigorating collection of floral motif jewelry.

Fine luxury jewelry from the Compositions Gemma collection


The vibrant hue and vivid saturation of our precious stone jewelry are truly remarkable to behold. Meticulously hand-selected rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, and sapphires are set alongside brilliant diamonds to further enhance their natural beauty.

Precious stone jewelry from the Compositions Seamless collection


Clean, elegant, and minimalist, our Seamless collection features heirloom-worthy pieces that are both functional and refined. The perfect pieces to seamlessly blend timeless luxury into your wardrobe for any and every occasion.