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Unique Diamond Pendants & Necklaces

Colorless luxury diamond necklaces and pendants offer timeless elegance, while our gemstone jewelry bursts with vibrant colors. Find your perfect Composition.

Flora Mosaic Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds
Cosmic Aurora Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds
Seamless Esmerelda Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds

Deco Vista Necklace, White Gold and Diamonds


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The Gemma Energy Necklace

Hand-Selected Designs

From our unique diamond pendants to our distinctive gemstone necklaces, every Composition brings fashion-house flair to your jewelry collection. Lovingly handcrafted and carefully composed of the finest solid 18k gold, top-grade diamonds, and opulent gemstones, each design is a masterpiece to cherish for a lifetime and keep in the family for generations. A necklace should be so much more than a fashionable accessory. Own a meaningful work of art.


How are diamond colors graded?

The GIA diamond color scale runs from D-Z—our unique diamond pendants and luxury diamond necklaces feature diamonds with an F color average. Diamonds are graded by the absence of color. Less is more. The highest grades, D-F, are classified as colorless diamonds. There are very subtle differences among D, E, and F diamonds, but you would need professional experience and powerful magnification equipment to detect them.

How is diamond clarity graded?

Diamond clarity is also graded according to the GIA scale, which classifies stones based on the amount of and visibility of imperfections, blemishes, and other characteristics called inclusions. VS1 clarity diamonds such as those featured in our unique diamond pendants and necklaces have no visible inclusions. You would need a 10x magnifier to detect any minor inclusions that may be present. VS1 clarity diamonds represent the top 5% of all gem-quality stones.

How do I choose a necklace length?

Everyone has their own personal preferences with how they want their fine jewelry necklaces to fit. We recommend placing a ribbon or similar material around your neck and marking or cutting it where you want it to fall. Measure the length of the ribbon, and choose the closest size to that length.

The Deco Legacy necklace with white gold and diamonds

Find Your Perfect Piece

We’re thrilled to offer a treasure trove of breathtaking pieces to wear alongside your favorite unique diamond pendants and necklaces. Explore our fine jewelry collections, and treat yourself or a loved one to something truly special. Founded by a second-generation jeweler with multiple decades of industry experience, Compositions is a brand born of a deep-rooted love for the timeless art of jewelry making. Our luxury diamond necklaces and pendants include 30-day returns, a 1-year warranty on wear and tear, and in-house repairs to ensure your complete satisfaction. Purchase the necklace of your dreams today.