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A woman holding a small Christmas present

Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide: Unique Jewelry For Her

Compositions offers a variety of holiday gifts for the special person on your shopping list. We handcraft jewelry for her to cherish for a lifetime. If you’re not quite sure which piece to choose, we can help! 

We’re a passionate fine jewelry store that goes above and beyond to give our customers an extraordinary shopping experience. Follow this guide as you discover the perfect precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones that fit her personality and style.

Precious Metals

A variety of Compositions pieces made from yellow, rose, and white gold

We primarily use solid 18k gold, although some pieces feature platinum. Here’s a look at each metal’s style profile.

  • Rose Gold Jewelry: Christmas jewelry gifts with rose gold have a soft, romantic feel. They’re chic and trendy yet elegant and timeless.
  • White Gold Jewelry: White gold has a pristine brilliance and radiance that’s visually striking, yet versatile and sophisticated. Platinum pieces have a similar look, but even brighter.
  • Mixed Gold Jewelry: An excellent choice for someone who appreciates flashy extravagance while still keeping the look tasteful.


A variety of Compositions pieces with diamonds

 Boasting VS1 clarity and F average color grades, our diamonds are in the top 5% of all gem-quality stones. We use colorless and yellow diamonds.

  • Colorless, Fine Diamond Jewelry twinkles with ethereal brilliance. The colorless diamond is the quintessential gemstone for a reason. If you’re not sure which stone to choose, you simply can’t go wrong with Christmas jewelry gifts that have colorless diamonds.
  • Yellow Diamond Jewelry glows and glistens with a fiery yellow hue—a great choice for someone who enjoys traditional styles with a bold twist. If you’re shopping for someone who radiates positive energy, yellow diamond jewelry is among the best unique jewelry for her.

Colored Gemstones


We proudly offer colored gemstone jewelry in a variety of coruscating hues. Whether you’re seeking something with a kaleidoscope of colors or just her favorite one, you’ll find the perfect gift at Compositions.

  • Emerald Jewelry looks equally stunning paired with warm or cool metals. The vivid green color is fun and bold yet classy and refined. It’s also a fitting choice for Christmas jewelry gifts.
  • Ruby Jewelry is another festive choice for the holiday season, but the lively red hue is sure to delight all year round. Rubies are vivacious and energetic—perfect for someone who’s known for their confidence and strong will.
  • Sapphire Jewelry is elegant, pure, and sophisticated. Whether pink or blue, sapphires are a bit more subtle and graceful, so they’re a wonderful choice for someone with more of a modest style. That said, some sapphire pieces are incredibly vibrant and striking.

Explore Our Designs


We hope this guide is helpful as you shop for Christmas jewelry gifts this holiday season. We invite you to browse all of our jewelry collections—there are so many distinctive designs exclusive to Compositions. Our friendly jewelry experts are happy to provide a personalized recommendation, so get in touch anytime.

Place your order with confidence, knowing that your order includes a 1-year warranty on wear and tear, free returns within 30 days, and in-house repairs. Gift wrapping is included—your purchase will arrive in a leather-ingrained box tied with a golden satin ribbon. 

Make this year’s festivities unforgettable with unique jewelry for her to treasure year after year. Shop Christmas jewelry gifts now.

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